Sophie Flinder & Vanna Youngstein, Closets
Sophie Flinder & Vanna Youngstein

I was hit by lightning when I walked into Sophie and Vanna's flat in Brooklyn. I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole - their creative universe is immeasureable and limitless, and their positive energy took my breath away. I am sure I will never forget it, especially when my intern cried from how touched he was by them when we left, 4 hours and change later and wanting more. I started this site after fashion styling for 20 years, looking for where the real inspiration was in fashion, and I am constantly reaffirmed each time I shoot someone for Stylelikeu. Sophie and Vanna, for us, have been the ultimate affirmation that over-the-top creativity and unpretentiousness do go hand in hand. Their inventiveness in dressing they feel was derived from growing up in London where originality is celebrated and unrelated to socio economic status. Vanna says with unabashed passion that she is "obsessed, obsessed, and obsessed" with style and and it hasn't changed much since she was a child. Mix bows, bells, and hearts with a Pre-Raphaelite beauty and a High Street flair and it is unmistakenly her. Sophie talks about how she spews everything out in her feelings and her clothes. Not very "girly" but high on details, she comes up with the unexpected. For example, indian moccassins with black paillette dresses and an op-art print legging with a mannish Victorian-esque blazer. Sophie's style reflects her wide-open heart - she is ingenious in her mixing of everything together. Sophie and Vanna's love of the undiscovered - the "grimey" clubs, the unbeaten path, the unheard-of thrift stores -has both an edge and an innocence that makes them the new visionaries, the ones you want to be around.

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