Sophia Lamar, Closets
Sophia Lamar

Necessity is the mother of invention, says Sophia, who would know, having grown up in Cuba where she made mascara out of shoe polish and used boxes to make wedges for shoes. It's obvious that from the beginning, nothing could suppress her creativity. Anyone that can turn the dowdiest of all inventions, the down jacket, into something almost majestic, by turning it upside down, so that the hood looks like the train of an Eduardian jacket, is a genius in my opinion. ( I can't wait to finally have something to keep me warm, while walking to the health club in the winter, and not feel like I have to hide). Sophia wraps you in with her abundant warmth and endless flair for the unexpected, in the same way that she winds a flannel shirt around her head into the most exotic turban. She is obviously one of fashion's mothers of invention herself.

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