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Sonny Groo

Dutch-born Sonny Groo has perfected the art of assimilating the latest in fashion and making it his own. Never too trendy and always cultured, his style is so refined that you could throw everything up in the air that he owns and however it lands, the combination would work. He is extremely thoughtful and intelligent in his approach to making the changing tides of fashion work for him, without being a slave to the industry's mecurial and possibly bankrupting temperament. For starters, everything is uncomplicated in black and white. There are the prototypal handmade black boots with the small heel that he wears with almost everything, whose shape is a subtle perfection of classic and cool and that he buys every year. He is a master of recreating the of-the-moment drapey pant for close to pennies, by wrapping obese-sized thrift shop trousers across his body and pinning others to create a sense of cascading folded couture artistry. Sonny is so sensitized to maintaining elegance (always at a small cost), that when he goes for something potentially gender-bending, he keeps it 007 polished, by choosing a black leather skirt, layered over pants, under the quintessential aristocratic trench and accented with shiny driving gloves. Sonny's signature Lanvin glasses, that are both forward and timeless in their oversized appearance, are probably what tell the most about him, as he always wears them and they always work.

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