Sonny Coates, Closets
Sonny Coates

1) How did you find Sonny?
Through Scarlett Rouge

2) What was your first impression when arriving at your shoot with Sonny?
How unbelievably low key, relaxed and low maintenance he is. Being that I lead mostly a high strung, type A, New Yorker lifestyle, Sonny immediately brought me into a more quiet, slow-paced, LA hippy side that I fantasize about accessing more often.

3) What do you love most about Sonny's style?
His "Mister T, earth rock" layers of necklaces. I am personally obsessed with these kinds of beaded necklaces from Africa, but rarely can pull them off because the rest of what I wear tends to be too loud already. But because Sonny's style is so understated, the necklaces make the most simple outfit have a regal feeling. Also, I love that Sonny chooses beads that look like a take on chains and bling, but done in a way that is totally authentic to himself and his more earthy vibe.

On the shoot, Sonny was adorably anxious about how little he has in his wardrobe in relation to everyone else on StyleLikeU, which to me is exactly why he's perfect for the site. He doesn't need many material things to have that "it" factor that we are drawn to. He has style seeping from his soul, without an abundance of material possessions. "I don’t have a lot of clothes. I wear the same thing every single day. But I wear it well," he states.

4) What do you admire about Sonny?
How he feels that science fiction and the spiritual realm is more a reflection of reality than what we get caught up in in our mundane day-to-day lives. Sonny is totally obsessed with space and how we are all affected by these larger waves of energy that we fail to tap into while absorbed in our myopic worlds. I think he is beautifully conscious of how little control we as humans ultimately have on our destiny and how we need to be more conscious of the bigger powers that guide us.

5) What is your favorite thing Sonny said during the interview?
When he talks about how integral being humble is to being a true artist. I have always felt that the most talented artists generally are the most humble because they are able to genuinely connect to universal truths, but Sonny explains the reason so perfectly-- Artists must be open and vulnerable to receiving moments of inspiration, and if you ARE too caught up in ego, you will be closed off from receiving the emotions and waves of inspiration that create touching artwork. Also, Sonny makes a fascinating comparison between creating art and bearing children. Our drive to create art, he feels, is fundamentally a manifestation of the human desire to create another human being. Therefore, like females have to receive in order to manifest the ultimate act of creation, artists must be open to receiving in order to be their most powerful selves while creating.

6) Who else on StyleLikeU does Sonny remind you of?
Lisa Moffie, Ericka Sance, Jessie Boykins III

You can listen to Sonny's music here.

Questions answered by Lily Mandelbaum, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.
Video Edited by Kelsey Rowland.

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