Soko, Closets

Soko, our intrepid French heroine is magnetized by morbidity, and we are hypnotized by her raw depth of sentiments. She is an award-winning film actress and blossoming musician who sits up all night in her grandma's raincoat and mothers wedding band listening to The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys on loop and perseverating to the point of despair over the making of her second album (the first one, Not Sokute, is addicting). Born in Bordeaux, Soko feels she is in a teen crisis, spending much of her 27 years dealing with too many weighty adult burdens to have ever thought that life was a fairy-tale.
When Soko was five, "daddy's girl" lost her dad. "I wanted to dig up his grave and lay in it with him," she confesses with candor. "You lose all your childhood dreams, because you get such an intense proof of reality." Soko no longer wanted to live a child's life: at sixteen she had her own apartment in Paris; at nineteen she was acting, living with lovers, and leading a grown up existence.

Today, the lead of the French film Augustine (she plays a 19th-century hysteric) is obsessed with looking like a white goth (by mimicking Andy Warhol's hair) and lightening up on her music. Despite her incessant couch surfing, Soko fantasizes about falling madly in love with the right person and having babies and kittens (to match her favorite cat nightshirt).

Addicted to band T-shirts and leather jackets, the admittedly hypersensitive and self destructive Soko told us, "There's a part of me that doesn't want to succeed." The quintessential intense Scorpio feels most at peace when she is in danger (filled with adrenaline and indestructible) as evidenced in her phenomenal movie role. While some study endlessly to inhabit such characters, Soko finds the dark side and twisting herself into different places a breeze. Swinging between worlds with a girly floral head piece one day, a baseball hat the other, and frilly anklets with bold, 50s Dr. Martens the next, Soko's clothes are a true reflection of her refusal to be "just one thing." In a Lakers T-shirt ("because we're in LA, and why the fuck not?"), Soko emotes, "I believe in appreciating things for what they are and knowing that everything is ephemeral. We only have one chance at this life."

Elisa & Lily

Soko's video was edited by Tony Fisher
Music: the instrumental from Soko's song, "We Might Be Dead"
Interviewed, photographed, and shot by Elisa & Lily

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