Sister Leona: A Shirtless Superhero is Setting Women Free, Closets
Sister Leona: A Shirtless Superhero is Setting Women Free

The objectification of women, as represented by the sexualization and thus censorship of their breasts is such a profound form of systemic oppression that Sister Leona sees no other route to liberation than to rip off her shirt, tap into her inner superhero and take to the streets in protest. Her goal is to get the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution and showing up topless outside of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings and getting arrested is not Leona’s only rebel cry. A mustache and goatee that she draws onto her face exaggerate the extreme hypocrisy of what is acceptable for a man to do as opposed to a woman. And her flamboyant hats and swashbuckling trousers make it loud and clear (in the name of all women) that Leona will not be shamed for anything that makes her power and expression as a woman shine as bright as possible. “To sexualize means to make sexual. It's something you do to somebody else. And that's a choice. Guys are like, ‘Okay, well, what if I think that she's sexy?’ And I'm like, ‘It's okay what you think, but she doesn't need to know what you think. And also what you need to know is that she's a multitude of other things. Her sexuality is just one aspect of her being.’ Also, women's breasts have nothing to do with sex. All human breasts are categorized the same in medical science, which is as a secondary sex characteristic. That same categorization on men's breasts does not mean that they have to cover their breasts. So you can see it's just a means of oppression.’’ This episode is brought to you by Olie Biologique. Olie delivers the nutrients your skin craves fast. Save 20% with the code STYLELIKEU20 at For Sister Leona’s full life and style story, listen to her episode of our podcast, What’s Underneath, on iTunes (, Spotify ( or Stitcher ( If these stories are transformative on your own journey towards acceptance, please consider becoming a member of StyleLikeU on Patreon so that we can build a world where everyone feels comfortable and safe in their skin. To join the movement, head over to And if you know anyone who would be empowered by this story, please share and be a part of spreading the message that true style is the result of radical self-acceptance. FOLLOW STYLELIKEU: Patreon: Newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Spotify: Stitcher:

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