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Sielian Lie

Thank god for the humble, tasteful, and unique who provide us with places to shop that are humble, tasteful, and unique and provide refuge from the present day's chronic mediocrity and homogeneity. I discovered Sielian at my favorite of all favorites, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show (another gem of an experience and coming up this week!), where there is so much inspiration and style that the roof could blow off. And even there, she stood out. It's totally internal and innate for her, everything is a pivotal piece, untrendy, and 100% quality. In her birthplace of Jakarta, Indonesia, everyone is dressed to go anywhere (no jeans or sweats, except to the gym). Sielian lounges at home in sarongs - it always matters to her. As a result, she is finished down to the exemplary vintage belts, consummate Gianni Versace bag, and refreshingly rare 1980's Todd Oldham stacked heel buckled perfectly around the bottom of her Norma Kamali harem pants. Sielian says that certain looks make her feel more in control, like her 1980's Plein Sud blazer worn with a one-shoulder cashmere Margiela mini-dress, vintage Alaia skirt, vintage belt from Paris, Givenchy lace-up boots and Wolford tights. But for me, she never misses a note, and Sielian's ability to pull the best from all genres and wear them with such elegance makes her and her boutique treasured diamonds in the rough.

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