Shannon Fitzgerald, Closets
Shannon Fitzgerald

A perennial "inbetweener," Shannon showcases her diverse background and influences through her style: A flannel shirt represents her Canadian origins, her creepers pay homage to her London teen years, and her metallic pleated skirt signals an Ivy League punk appreciation for the fairy tale American career. Not one for following a traditional path, Shannon did not dress like the popular girls in high school and went to an interview for her present job as a Senior MTV Executive in boots, a floppy hat, 10 tattoos and a safety pinned necklace.

Doing the unexpected, such as wearing piles of "violent" jewelry or moving to London penniless at age 16, in search for a rebellious youth culture, has been the key to Shannon's empowerment to build her life from the ground upward. She began her affinity for England while squatting in an abandoned building, but ended it with a job at the BBC. This led to Shannon discovering her fervor for story telling, producing TV shows in LA, one of which was about 3 sisters--Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

In the same way that a floral skirt might not make sense with chunky basketball sneakers, Shannon states, "when you have an instinct about something, why is someone else’s opinion anymore important or valid than yours?" And in keeping with her gut, despite the fact the every network first passed on The Kardashians, she perservered. A die hard for The Cure, indian mocs with studs and high tops with chains, Shannon reveals, "the spirit of rebellion is something that I still live by, albeit more maturely at my age, but I love what it stands for."

Video Edited by Armand Michael

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