Shane Tison, Closets
Shane Tison

As a young child, Shane spent 3 years traveling the country living out of a van with his parents. His proclaimed "no roots" childhood, belies his keen eye and deep appreciation for timeless clothing, apparent in his beloved "Hemingway" cardigan with bakelite buttons and a label he so proudly points out is pure Americana from Alaska in the 30's. Shane says that he goes where life calls him and moved from Austin, Texas, to Chicago for a girl, where he became a buyer for a vintage clothing store and had a first hand chance to develope his taste for the straightforward and classic like his very-APC in looks (not price) single breasted khaki trench, that he makes cool with silver and turquoise. He values "the spirit and essence" of objects, like motorcycles and everything 2-wheeled, including the visually related paraphanelia. His obsession began when his father took him to kindergarden on a Triumph everyday. He recently and very proudly bought that same bike for his dad to keep in the family, when it was going to have to be sold away. Shane's collection of vintage racing motorcycle helmuts and jackets represents his strong ties to his heritage, like all of his tattoos, one of which is a replica of one his grandfather had from the Korean War. Both versatile and nomadic in nature, Shane learned how to cut men's hair and while visiting friends in NYC ending up staying when approached to open what is now Freeman's Sporting Club, a barber shop and men's clothing boutique. The genre of the store is very him in its hand tailoring, LL Bean with an edge aesthetic; he literally has a denim tailor restitch and reconstruct his coveted Earnest Sewn Jeans and Helmut Lang jean jacket. Shane also has a long resume of playing in bands since he was 17 and has been a pastry chef in a esteemed French restaurant. He is a renaissance man in the most humble and earnest sense, but boasts his bourbon vanilla bean creme brûlée is a force to be reckoned with.

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