Sarah Hamilton, Closets
Sarah Hamilton

Looking down in the locker room at the health club, I spotted Sarah's metallic, distressed Marc Jacob's Mary Janes and chased her down for an interview for months. Little did I know that I would soon walk into her apartment to find a shoe obsession on its way to putting Imelda Marcos to shame. Sarah's shoes line her kitchen cabinets, refrigerator shelves, and basically every corner of her apartment - they are food for her. For me, everything starts with the shoe, and in my case, usually the clunkier, the more ethnic the better. But in the case of my attraction to Sarah, opposites attract. Sarah says that when she spots a new shoe-find, it's love at first sight, and that was exactly my feeling upon first spotting her. The chase was well worth it - it's hard to beat the power of long legs and a drop dead, lady-like shoe.

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