Sarah Frances Kuhn, Closets
Sarah Frances Kuhn

I think we scouted Sarah ten different times. She stands out form the vanilla crowd with her choppy DIY bangs and real Chinese dress from Pearl River. A sponge for the original and the authentic in culture, she was brought up in Nashville (the country music in her), and lived in Jerusalem (the pioneer in her) and Cincinnati (the hippie in her). Former editor at Teen Vogue turned musician, designer, and entrepreneur, she finds her own inspiration by digging down deep, as far away from the insipid as she can get. Rocking a shredded black crocheted dress she found in a flea market in the South of France, she looks to unsung legends; the outlaw country singer-songwriter, legend, and poet Townes Van Zandt; Alan Lewandowki (aka Ayshe, Anita Fix, and The Working Poor, among other stage names) ; Bo Diddley's guitarists, Lady Bo and the Duchess; and Kate Bush's divine combination of dance and music-- especially the videos from her first album, The Kick Inside.

As a kid, Sarah was a strange mix of dancer and skateboarder, who found herself after college in the front row of shows at London Fashion Week after talking herself into an internship at W Magazine. It was there that she says she was thrown into writing, working on shoots, and covering street style, but, Sarah throws herself into things. It reminds me of her father who became a Rabbi midstream in his life. She dreams up a red flamenco dress and manifests it, like she found a niche designing camera straps -- her first foray into designing accessories -- and playing guitar, singing, dancing, writing, with a little tambourine in her bands, Open Ocean and Rockit From A Drone. To be willing to be a beginner takes courage and vision, much like Sarah projects in her vintage velvet high waisted suit.

If you love Sarah, you may also like Louise Ingalls Sturges, Maria Elba and Emily Leonard.

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