Santiago Castillo, Closets
Santiago Castillo

I would die to see Santiago in his Catholic school uniform. I can somehow only imagine him in it with his oversized Lanvin glasses and then maybe a floral scarf sneaking out. While the teacher was doing math equations, I have a feeling that he was dreaming about the seams on Jesus' shrouds. It's like Santiago has burst out of a tight shell of restricted blazers, button-down shirts and khaki's, and into a Nazareth-inspired fantasy of layers of fabric and draping. He hasn't left his prep school days completely behind - the polo shirt is reconfigured so that it has a ruffle affect and the Ralph cable cardigan gives a hint of classic to his Beavis and Butthead t-shirt and decoupage clutch. Santiago sometimes prefers it when the models for his shows accidently turn his dresses upside-down and he turns what would be a mundane jacket into a monkish-style hoodie and Elizabethan collar by doing the same. His sense of humor with dressing brings a stroke of genius - the Burger King canvas tote is as iconic in its imagery as a Louis Vuitton wallet and Cambell's soup can.

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