Sally Lyndley, Closets
Sally Lyndley

Seeing Sally for the first time after the Ralph Lauren show for FW 2012, in her red suit dress and coat and over the knee Rick Owens boots, with her mirrored glasses and mermaid surfer girl blond hair, left me wanting to know a lot more about her. Since our shoot together, I have been hooked on her men's Giles Deacon fish hook print pj's that she wore with Isabel Marant geisha meets 70's wedges, and subsequently found my own version of both.
Sally is on my list of super heros for having the guts to move to a beach town in Southern Cal, in the midst of her successful career as a credible, fashion stylist (ie. one who has earned her stripes), and where she has found a new world of best friends, including a Navy Seal. I love how she goes for it when inspired, like dropping her Texas, "big hair and Chanel roots" for NYC at 18 years old when she was first mesmerized by the dark, non-commercial side of fashion. The life defining moment for Sally was when she was in a meeting at Jane Magazine and chance exposed her to the Mcqueen SS '99 show with Shalom Harlow getting spray painted by robot arms and Aimee Mullins exhibited her beautifully carved wooden legs.

She recalls "you are like, 'Holy shit.. That is expression,'" and it resonated with her in much the same way her favorite, provocative, pop magazine, The Face had. Unique Expression is what it's all about for Sally, like how she wears a pearl dress from the '50's with a sweatshirt or how she obsesses on the demure Sofia Coppola Vuitton bag as much as the skater aesthetic, her NWA Tee shirt and the color floral pink. Little says power & individuality more than Sally's security blanket & basic uniform. They are her thigh high, "futuristic-God" wedges that look like something that's a mix btw a moon boot and a medieval knight and that she wears almost everyday with everything. "People get out of the way for me at the airport in them," Sally says, which proves my point, they are worth the investment.

Video Edited by Andrea Cruz.

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