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Sabrina Bacon

Sabrina has spent a lot of time in Paris and it shows. She loves fashion but doesn't feel the need to buy a lot - it's more about getting the one thing that makes your wardrobe special. She also pays great attention to detail, even if it means spending a little bit more. Wolford hosiery in particular, and any accent on the legs are key for Sabrina; whether to the ankle, the knee, over-the-knee, or texture all over, she can make the simplest T- shirt dress look interesting with the right accents. Sabrina also has a great sense of proportion - the nautical striped dress without the ankle socks and wedge booties, the black dress without the knee socks and mary janes, and the high-waisted floral shorts without the over-the-knee tights and high tops would be ordinary. The way that Sabrina mixes and layers her clothes so effortlessly is the height of great style - you have no idea where anything is from or how much it costs. The red leather shorts from her mom, black suede ankle boots from Marc Jacobs, and a mustard color vintage cardigan from Paris that was too big and she altered say it all. It looks like it took a lot of thought when it was a moments instinct.

Check out Sabrina's blog and her online headband shop.

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