S.P., Closets

1) How did you find S.P.?
Ramona scouted him at The Siki Im show.

2) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with S.P.?
That Ramona fainted during it (literally) and how caring and sweet S.P. was about it.

3) What personal quality/character did S.P. make you admire or aspire to have?
To be more international, possibly spend time living in other countries and to speak more languages. He was born in Munich and lived in Berlin and Korea and he has traveled extensively. I really admire S.P.'s expansive view on life as a result of his worldliness. Specifically, how he speaks in different tones based on whether he is speaking Korean or German, and his ability to synthesize the different values of the varying cultures into his own life. As an example, in Korea, men walk arm in arm and are not considered gay, but in Western Europe individualism is more respected.

4) What is your favorite thing about S.P.'s style?
The fact that he wears only designers whose labels and brands show no outward representation of who they are, who refuse to have an internet presence or become beholden to the commercial magazines in order to be successful. In addition, the brands he wears are designers who I greatly admire for their impeccable taste. For me, they define a new kind of romantic classicism and a modern take on the epic clothes of the late 19th c. that I am passionate about.

5) What style tip did you personally take away from your interview with S.P.?
That you don't need to have a lot of clothes in your closet to look extraordinary.

6) Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with S.P.?
How cool it is that he balances the two worlds of being a lawyer and his intense love for avante-garde clothing. I love how he communicates a certain powerful language to the people in the corporate side of his life with his clothes (they could use an awakening) and how at the same time the conservative part of his life keeps his material values grounded.

7) What was the most covetable item in S.P.'s wardrobe?
All of his boots, but especially the red Carol Christian Poell and the Boris Saberi russian military ones. His Paul Harnden jacket-- I love their clothes and the fact that the designs are based on 19c English peasants. (I also adore the Carol Christian Poell long Eduardian blazer).

8) What was your favorite thing S.P. said or did during the interview?
"The most democratic place in the world is the gym."
I also liked S.P.'s description of the owner of a very state of the art clothing shop in Cologne, Germany that he worked for, Kurt. He would throw people out of the shop who he didn't feel would appreciate the very original and authentic clothes he was selling, like someone with a "screaming luxury" bag with a label. And he would save all of the good stuff in the basement for the people who he thought would appreciate it. He was also meticulous with his vision, and brought his architectural background to his store. As an example, a pair of gloves could be on the floor as a display.

Questions answered by Editor in Chief and Co-Founder, Elisa Goodkind.
Video Edited by Andrea Cruz.

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