Robert Richards, Closets
Robert Richards

Larger than life in his oversized round black eye glass frames, Robert feels that he is lucky to not be a drone. And he is anything but with the ease with which he wears a Op art-esque patterned Victor and Rolf blazer to a Jean Paul Gaultier winter white bathrobe coat. "If you have your windows open, anything can fly through," he feels, and Robert has the life story to prove it. Born in what he refers to as a dreary French ghetto in Maine, he took to dreaming in the glamorous pages of "people smoking" in the fashion magazines and drawing incessantly from the depths of his imagination to escape the bleakness of everyday realities. The universe started to unlock for Robert when his artistic talents got him into a university for art in Boston at 16 years old, where he was driven back and forth to home on the weekends in a delivery truck that belonged to friends of his parents. From that time on he has never done anything but draw to support himself and his legacy is vast.

To name a few of his accomplishments, Robert was among the greats of illustrators who attended the fashion shows (pre digital) in order to render the collections for publication and among the infinite portraits of notables that he has done, are names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Marisa Berenson and Lena Horne. In a Lanvin bespoke suit that he has had since the 80's, Robert's fashion is not about acquiring but collecting the precise things that are so him that he is able to get dressed in five minutes, despite the fact that it looks like 5 hours. Paul Smith is a favorite of his for being classic and crazy, like a gray 3 piece suit with an amplified foulard printed shirt and tie. And his hot pink Ozwald Boateng suit with a navy polka dot shirt and tie are among the things he gets called out on the street for by kids he feels know style "better than Anna Wintour." A compliment from them means as much to Robert as one from Barak Obama, because he believes in "oneness and all that crazy 60's stuff." In keeping with going with his own flow, Robert was thrown out of catholic school in 3rd grade for questioning dogma. He also never came out of the closet which he now happily sees as a passé concept. "I live in the bigger world where there are girls and boys and people of all ages and diversity" he claims-- "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Video Edited by Natasha Shumny.

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