Rain Phoenix, Closets
Rain Phoenix

Even if Lily and I had driven off a cliff driving to Rain's rustic mid c. house high in the hills of LA, it would have been worth it. The mutual sparks were flying from the get go between Rain's excitement over the current falling apart of pomposity in our culture, her passion for the beginning of a new era of collaboration and her belief that there is a depth to what we wear (Amen!). A down to earth powerhouse, Rain is driven to lead what she refers to as the "new artistic revolution," in which artists help each other. And with her new found vision, some of which is derived from her own good experience with her mentors Flea and Michael Stipe (how lucky), she is currently feeling color when it comes to her clothes. A bright red "Bianca Jagger" silk jumpsuit, with powder blue toe polish, a mint green Victorian dress and beat up brown boots are a contrast to Rain's previous years in mostly black.

There is something about Rain's open profundity, comfort with vulnerability, in combo with her graceful tomboy style, that makes you want to hang with her all the time. She just kind of spits out lines about things that range from from "it's in our own power to to change the outcome of our lives by changing how we perceive things" to about her signature hat "this makes me feel like I just made out with Bob Dylan." Or that "pure love is the absence of fear" and that in her white cut out one piece she feels both covered up and naked at the same time, revealing her less guarded, more feminine vibe these days. Like her name, Rain is a force of nature and the world could use more of her kind (she has also been know as Summer or Bright Side Rain). We don't hear enough people feel that their heart chakra spins over the idea of helping others and whose goal is to be her personal best in this lifetime, while standing on a bench in a mini skirt, black suit that shows off her killer ballet legs.

Video Edited by Gregory Pescia.

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