Rachel Tobias & Kaitlin King, Closets
Rachel Tobias & Kaitlin King

KK and Rachel have no tie or involvement in anything fashion-related, other than clothes for them are purely for fun and a reflection of their love for other cultures and anything indigenous. Their style is about their love of traveling and a deep consciousness of the enviornment and helping people who are in need, no label dropping here. KK is from Arizona, majors in anthropology, minors in fine arts, and hops down to Mexico from college in Southern California once a month to volunteer in an orphanage, with the degree of dedication that many college kids have for opening a keg on Friday nights. Her favorite thing is the $1 sale in LA (Rachel too) - she teaches yoga and zamba dance, is going to Chile next semester to study abroad, and spent the summer in the Philippines working for Food for the Hungry. Rachel is majoring in International Relations and currently studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt. She works for Toms shoes doing shoe drops in Argentina, volunteers in downtown LA with the homeless and her goal is to start her own non profit organization, focusing on problems in Africa. Rachel is also a burgeoning photojournalist. KK and Rachel wear their love of mankind literally on their sleeve, they are like the UN of style and at this rate are already making a monumental dent in the ills of the world, drop the partying and join the party.

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