Quentin Wynaar, Closets
Quentin Wynaar

1) How did you find Quentin?
Lily: I scouted Quentin on the subway when I was en route to interview sisters Lizzy and Darlene. I noticed Quentin as I was about to get off the train; his knee-high army boots with twine shoe laces were impossible to miss. Quentin was sleeping on the train, so as the subway was approaching my stop, I woke him up, quickly urged him to give me his contact info (as he was in a half-asleep daze), and scurried off the train. A year and a half later we finally made the shoot happen.

2) What was your first impression when arriving at your shoot with Quentin?
Lily: When I first got to Quentin's house, I was immediately mesmerized by his room and the explosion of inspirations plastered on his walls. The rest of his family's house is pretty simple in its design and aesthetic, but when I walked into Quentin's room, his appreciation for life as art was immediately apparent. The walls are filled with the most diverse range of imagery from concert posters, to odd magazine clippings, to his own drawings and photographs, totally embodying Quentin's sponge-like attitude toward the beauty surrounding him in everyday life.

3) What do you love most about Quentin's style?
Lily: All of the DIY touches he adds onto classic pieces. He puts scrabble buttons on his oxford shirts, adds twine to his boots as laces, and attaches feathers to his shirt pockets and hats to add an extra layer of personality. I also love Quentin's Safari-inspired style with trench coats and duck boots. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies for its style, Out of Africa.

4) What about Quentin's personality most inspires you?
Lily: His "I think therefore I am" attitude. I love how Quentin believes in the power of his thoughts in manifesting his destiny. He doesn't let doubt get in the way of his self confidence, even though he often gets "stones" (literally and figuratively) thrown at him for being so expressive and out-of-the-box in his sense of style. He always remains positive and with a huge smile on his face.

5) Who else on StyleLikeU does Quentin remind you of?
Lily: Larry B for his room decor and bubbly personality, Lucia for her intelligence and insight at such a young age, and Maurice Harris for his colorful, yet classic taste in clothing.

Questions answered by Lily Mandelbaum, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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