Piera Gelardi, Closets
Piera Gelardi

Piera is attracted to talismen, or powerful objects that embody good energy, like her early twentieth-century vintage purse that she says is her metal kidney, and her Giles tassel necklace. But to me, they are emblems of the powerhouse that Piera is. I now know what it takes to launch one's own business, and I am in awe of Piera's entrepreneurial spirit and foresight in starting Refinery29 at a time "when very little else on the internet occupied that type of space." She "dared to jump," and says that "thinking back to when we started, it gives me that sense of possibility that is addictive" (words we can all stand to hear right now). Her fetish for amulets and their magic has not only helped her in business, but she says that clothes almost divinely find her, like her stunning red floor-length Anne Klein pleated skirt that popped up on eBay in her size when she searched for anything by the designer. In the same vein, I love how uncontrived Piera is with her style: the way she puts a pair of Southwestern-style vintage Keds with a Gucci nautical cardigan, and how she has turned her birthday (for ten years now) into a "wear pink" party, because no one would dare leave to go anywhere else in NYC in pink. With the success of Refinery29, Piera's living space is now her own - gone are the days when she let her coworkers into her apartment with a towel on her head, though she appreciates them as much as the heirlooms she has inhertied from her grandmother' world travels.

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