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Phony Ppl

Elbee Thrie, the founder of the rap group, Phony Ppl, is confident about not being part of the party, but the observer of it ("like a tree," he says). Elbee's obsession with music began at an early age and was nurtured by his parents, giving him the impetus to create his own fraternity, a brotherhood of his peers -- Sheriff PJ, Elijah Rawk, Matt "Maffyuu" Byas, Aja Grant, Bari Bass. Ian Bakerman, and Temi Okotieuro -- that possess a common love for rebellion against shallow society in the form of their funk soul hip-hop music. The group -- whose name has many meanings, including pho ("for") NY (their hometown) -- is sending today's hypnotized youth a message to be honest and OK with not fitting in. Their hope is to bring the individual whispers of me-me-me together into one big loud noise that will change the world for good. "There's a lot of great things happening," Elbee reflects. "You just have to dig deeper. Success for success's sake is not a desire of these Phonies. In the end, all you really have is you."

Elisa & Lily

Phony Ppl's video was edited by Paul O'Brochta
Phony Ppl's website is here.
Find out more about Community 54, the community on Clinton, here.


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