Peter Hale Cooney III, Closets
Peter Hale Cooney III

Peter is all about his heritage - he is a descendent of Nathan Hale, the famous soldier who was captured during the Revolutionary War by the British for spying. I think Nathan would approve of Peter's ornamental take on the men's waistcoat with the very ambassador-like ruched tuille piece across the front, and his dandy twist on tails in silk moire, layered over a ruffled shirt. Undoubtedly, his "crazy aunt Suzie," his mom's sister, who was a free-spirited stewardess traveling the world and someone whom he could confide in, would love Peter's dramatic shoulder-pleated leather jacket with his half-kilt over pants and a woman's dress that pulls up or down depending on the right proportion (Peter says that New York City is filled with people who had an "aunt Suzie," and were inspired to follow their dreams). Then there's his Catholic school roots, where he would no doubt be sent home because his geometric shorts were too short (though chic and preppy), his perfectly-worn bucks that he wouldn't wear socks with (though very F. Scott Fitzgerald), and his neck scarf would be a little too Carey Grant for "dress code." Peter could have gone veterinarian instead of fashion designer, partly because of his love for horseback riding, which he has done all of his life (witness the "real riding boots"), but not sure how his love for chunky baubles and handbags would have fit in into that lifestyle. He would have no doubt monogrammed the scrubs coat with his very distinguished and very "Salem witch trial" title of the third.

If you like Peter, you might also enjoy Max Vernon or Marcelo Burlon.

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