Performance Artist and Actress Vivian Bang is Not a Robot!, Closets
Performance Artist and Actress Vivian Bang is Not a Robot!

Embracing her difference has this week’s podcast star, actress and performance artist Vivian Bang, getting dressed as an act of self-love. Turning jackets backward or upside down, wearing mismatched shoes and wearing a half pigtail is her way of subverting authority and living life on her own terms. It is with this same freedom that Vivian approaches roleplay as a performer. Her goal is to portray messy and flawed characters, like herself, who are able to laugh at their mistakes. It is this path of radical honesty that has landed Vivian the leading role in a film that she wrote about her life called White Rabbit, which debuted at Sundance 2018, and a sense of peace with the inevitable uncertainty of life.

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