Nyemiah Supreme, Closets
Nyemiah Supreme

"I love the male species," declares Nyemiah Supreme, the star of our newest Music X Style, "but nothing I do -- nothing I wear -- is to try to reel them in." In her favorite Jordans, workmanlike suspenders, cut up crop tops, and torn denim, the consummate Queens girl refers to herself as "prissy hood."  Though she sports a Dorothy platinum braid, there is nothing dainty about Nyemiah's message, which is females can do it themselves (and with their clothes on.) She is navigating the male-dominated hip-hop world and impossibly competitive music industry with an irrepressible tenacity and rare (for these days) old-school feminism. Perhaps one of the best illustrations of her iron will was Nyemiah's Summer Jam experience, where, despite being invited to perform, she had to bully her way onto the stage, one door at a time, with resistance from men at each entry point. Quitting is Nyemiah's worst fear because she feels in her heart that she is living her calling, and her first EP (executive produced by Timbaland) has proved that the Salt-N-Pepa-inspired "tough cute" girl will reign Supreme.

Elisa & Lily

Nyemiah's video was edited by Tony Fisher
Shot, photographed, and interviewed by Elisa & Mona

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