Noma Han, Closets
Noma Han

South Korea, where he grew up and "things are quiet," was definitely not going to be a good fit for someone like Noma, who can barely contain his enthusiasm for everything. To call him passionate is an understatement, but he is, in the lightest and no less meaningful sense of the word. Noma came to New York on his own, barely speaking the language, and among many successes, is presently in the Benetton Ad Campaigns. He inhales the "bright lights" of the big cities, of which he has a lot of exposure of due to his modeling career, but humor with it all is never far behind. Noma loves what he refers to as "British style," in his foulard suspenders, rolled jeans, Doc Martens, and bowler, but he equally jumps for joy in his skateboard-inspired, glow-in-the-dark Inventory sweatshirt. In addition to skateboarding in his spare time, he watches folkloric action cartoons like Wampus, whose skin stretches like rubber and draws his own Lampoon-like renderings for tattoos on his body. So refreshingly unencumbered by what other people think of him, Noma makes fashion fun and happy, as it should be. He can't help but pull his Prince Peter t-shirt of the performance artist Lindsay Kemp over his face, and by doing so, he says something very profound without even trying: in the words of William Shakespeare, "all the world's a stage."

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