Nicollette Santos, Closets
Nicollette Santos

Nicollette says that she doesn't take fashion too seriously, but at the same time she is a connoisseur of the iconic style points of different time periods and and the essence of the stories they tell. One of her favorite bags is her Mickey Mouse one, but at the same time she will get influenced by a 60's motorcycle book and the decade's obsession with the perfectly striped shirt, black blazer, and denim combo. Nicollette adds the sex appeal of a garder to this look, making it her own. She still wears her rhinestones and slips that she owned in 8th grade. In fact, the touch of undergarments seems to be a bit of a signature for her, it pops up in a few places, always toning it down though with more masculine pieces like camouflage, flannel and sneakers. She says that growing up in a small town in Florida, she was never a misfit, but not cool either. Weekends were spent at punk and indie shows and music became a big influence on how she dressed. Courtney Love's haphazard hair, Gwen Stefani's studded bra straps and the "cowboy boot-ed babes on Saddle Creek Records" donning high-necked secretary blouses and high-waisted pencil skirts were a big influence on her. She said at one time, she joined the league of mod "Spock Rockers," with a helmet haircut, black turtleneck, leggings, and peacoat. What I most love about Nicollette, is her fascination with the fearless way in which an angsty teenager throws things together.

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