Nick Cohen, Closets
Nick Cohen

Style is not necessarily a costume or "show," and can have as much, if not more, impact when it is subtle. When I first met Nick, I was intrigued right from the get-go when I saw his Stubbs and Wooten slippers with the red devil emblems mixed with his understated jeans and t-shirt, and even more so when he mentioned that he wears this outfit basically every day. He makes the Ksubi's new with the timelessness of the velvet loafer. It wasn't hard to uncover more of Nick's uniquely good taste and rock star-esque charm as he pulled out everything from the Abe Lincoln stovepipe hat to the monkish Rick Owens hoodie. In addition, he gets into the mood of each quintessential piece, tipping his head or telling a joke, with his dry sense of humor, much in the same way that he does with his music as a successful DJ. It takes a lot of self-possession and insight to keep it simple, light-hearted, and maintain an edge.
Nick DJ's Thursday nights at Southside in Soho.

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