Never Too Bold or Too Loud: Lebanese Filmmaker Pam Nasr Uncovers Her Power, Closets
Never Too Bold or Too Loud: Lebanese Filmmaker Pam Nasr Uncovers Her Power

Never too bold or too loud! In a world that is quick to judge and fear the other, Lebanese filmmaker Pam Nasr doesn’t want to overlook the many ways we can communicate and seek bonds without words, whether it be through the food we share or how we dress. When she walks down the street in bold colors or flaunting her strong legs, Pam’s style screams, “I love life” and “I want to connect.” Growing up in Dubai with a dad who gave her the space to push boundaries and wear mini-skirts in a country that is more conservative due to its tradition has given Pam the grit needed to take risks. “Growing up, it was always a question of what is too much skin or what is being too loud? What is attracting too much attention because that's something I constantly heard around me. But that's not something that I ever questioned because for me, too much skin wasn't problematic. It's about how you carry yourself in what you're wearing. I don’t allow room for someone to put me in a box. I put myself in the box that I want to be put in.” For Pam’s full life and style story, listen to her episode of our podcast, What’s Underneath, on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher ( If these stories are transformative on your own journey towards acceptance, please consider becoming a member of StyleLikeU on Patreon so that we can build a world where everyone feels comfortable and safe in their skin. To join the movement, head over to And if you know anyone who would be empowered by this story, please share and be a part of spreading the message that true style is the result of radical self-acceptance. FOLLOW STYLELIKEU: Patreon: Newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Spotify: Stitcher:

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