Natasha Ghosn, Closets
Natasha Ghosn

Natasha's passion for authenticity is so charming in her Gena Rowlands-inspired pink pants suit that she bought on a whim in Palm Springs and rarely wears out, but loves because she can see herself hosting a talk show in it, but only one that is on par with her favorite emcee Dick Cavett. A lover of unique and authentic personalities (from Bette Davis to Graham Parsons), Natasha yearns to bring back a TV show like the aforementioned one, because the legend himself took the time to delve into each person he interviewed to the point where he might actually sing a song with them, "not like today, in and out in ten minutes." Natasha says that she always has an icon in mind when dressing ("there are no secrets anymore"), which ultimately synthesizes into something that is soley her. This is probably best epitomized by the mix of her children's Oilily multicolored furry jacket that she calls her "Seditionary sweater on acid," her grandmother's Victorian mourning ring, her favorite coconut bag and her uncommon use of white accents, as in the Casio watch that she likes to wear because she doesn't look at her Blackberry as much (she doesn't like to be one of those people that always has their nose in the phone) and her Pierre Hardy wedges for Gap. Whether she is "Courtney Love as a fairy" in her chiffon dress and star print tights or finding virtue in a plastic Bank of America-giveaway flower power necklace, style is emotional to the point of intellectual for Natasha. On the legend Peggy Moffitt, who is still has the same Vidal Sassoon haircut and is in Rudi Gernreich everyday, Natasha says, "she doesn't look like a child or a teenager. She doesn't say, 'this worked for me back then.' She just looks like an icon."

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