Naomi Melati Bishop, Closets
Naomi Melati Bishop

I love how Naomi points out that we are all multifaceted prisms, and that we can choose to see the different sides of a person or reveal the different sides of ourselves - "more power to you" if you can show it all at once. To me, one's willingness to expose their fragility is a sign of ultra-strength and depth, and Naomi wears her heart on her sleeve, or more literally, on her hand. Every finger has a ring with a story, and she never takes them off. Two are from her dad (a silver one from Ibiza that covers her nail and another that she has worn every day since she was eight, and has calloused her finger from doing so), one with purple crystals from her boyfriend, one that is a claw (representing the year of the tiger honoring her birth), a gold and turquoise YSL one, a Tibetian prayer ring, a silver bark one from her best friend, one from a trip to Santorini, one on each thumb, a gold and turquoise YSL one, and her most "precious" one of all, which is her mother's, that she hides underneath another ring to shelter it.
Naomi's mother was from Indonesia, a princess and a dancer, and her father, a transplanted New Yorker, whom after first seeing Naomi's mother on the streets of Jacarta, waited for 31 days on top of a castle until he found her again. (He had always dreamt of marrying someone who looked like they were from a Gauguin painting.) Naomi, who similarly resembles a muse in one of the same post-impressionist paintings, admires much of what she refers to as the magic in the Muslim culture that was native to her maternal side of the family, like women dressing up in florals and wearing blossoms in their hair. And then, she clearly has the free spirit, very 1970s flair of her dad, with his ease of wearing women's hats and blue eyeshadow if he felt in the mood. Naomi carries a leather fringe bag that he gave her around her neck, and wears his same eye makeup.
However, Naomi sees her love of beauty most embodied in her coveted Pamela Love dagger and petal earrings that she says encapsulate her - "the whole idea of dark and the mysterious and the terrifying, sometimes the macabre, and then the romantic, and the deep love of life and all of its experiences. I think that's the two sides of all of us, or life in general." (and knowing Pamela, I can attest that this is how she would hope whomever was wearing them would feel).

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