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Nacinimod Deodee

Finding Nacinimod began with my visit to Lisci Lichiban's closet where I first saw her extraordinary over-the-knee crocheted boots of his creation. They were so formidable in their handcraftsmanship and overall coolness factor that they are indelible in my mind, boots that are more like an artifact in today's all too prevalent mass production and disconnection from authenticity. One-of-a-kind is Nacinimod's mantra when it comes to his designs. It makes sense that he grew up in an environment that nurtures the value of time-honored traditions and simple rituals. He is currently a resident of Brooklyn, but grew up on a Caribbean island called Domenica, where he would cook and eat fish by the river where he caught it. With an artist's eye and reverence for nature, he turned the wood from fallen trees in a Flatbush storm into stools with leather and studs.

"If everyone was living their true vibration, that thing within them that is their most real, the world would be a fantastic place. But with all of the cages and boxes we put ourselves in and we allow other people to put us in, we can't even move," Nacinimod says. There is a peaceful intensity about him that reveals itself in his quest to have his own version of a Rastafarian cap and not the one that everyone else wears to seeking out the godfather rapper of the Civil Rights Era, Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets, as a mentor. Nacinimod is a writer, musician, actor, playwright and poet of the spoken word. "New is old," he chants, as his hand knit colorful and indigenous jackets express.

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