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Myf Shepherd

In quintessential StyleLikeU fashion, when arriving to Myf's apartment, she had to throw her keys out of her window in order for us to get in the front door, before we climbed up the inevitable six floor walkup, leading to the gem of her apartment in the least likely of places. But even more quintessential was the fact that Myf opened the door in a leather hat splattered with paint, a beaten up white leather jacket with a Southwestern motiff and her American themed DIY shoes, against a back drop of walls filled with colorful portraits of all of her friends and tye dye sheets hanging from the ceilings. I knew we were in for an inspiring ride through Myf's world.

Myf explained that her parents didn't let her have toys that were based off of pop culture, in order for her to develop her own imagination. Thus, when she spontaneously runs out to grab coffee in the creative combination of an Ohne Titel multi colored knit cardigan and a patchwork sheepskin coat tied around her waist, with only her tye dyed boys underwear underneath, it looks so good that she ends up staying in the ensemble for the rest of the day and night, while doing her usual meandering around the city. I love how she wears her roommate's button down shirts as skirts as well and how everything gets her signature written all over it, like her tie-dyed Ksubi jeans.

Interesting conversation is what Myf most admires in another person and it is almost as if she is seamlessly conversing her expression with the world through everything she touches. This can be seen in her artwork, which mostly depicts her friends who she paints because she loves them "to death," or the morphing of an outfit form one day to the next, deriving from things that her peers have left at her place or traded with her. Buying clothes for Myf is rare, except for the occasional Indian dress from a store where the owner, who has a crush on her, gives her a discount.

Myf gets her independent spirit from her mom who presently lives in Tazmania (Myf is from Australia), in the middle of the forest in a house that is entirely self sufficient, equipped with solar panels, water tanks, dams, a vegetable garden and fruit trees. In the tapestry of a Phillip Lim floral cowboy shirt with fringe, royal blue shorts from Where Romance Was Born, cuffs and a scarf from India and a linen duster, Myf says of her mom, "She does pretty much whatever she wants to... and I am much the same as she, just 30 years later."

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