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Ms. Fitz

Raised in a small beach town in Australia among a community of people with alternative lifestyles, Ms. Fitz is drawn towards anyone that looks at the world through different eyes and wants to create something that diverges from what you are "suppose to do and think." Basketball-wear and bows with Egyptian-inspired designer clothes, and surf overalls with a glamorous vintage fur, is all part of her passion to be unpredictable but not "ridiculous." Ms. Fitz is taking in everything right now, traveling the world to help her form the direction for her life as a stylist, designer, blogger, and overall quiet anarchist. Similar to the range of clothes piled on her couch when I came to shoot her, she loves to infuse all cultural references together when designing, like the bold neon edge she gives to her earthy, Afghany-inspired necklaces. Currently, Ms. Fitz is inspired by "chilly and beautiful" Amsterdam; for the arts, youthful vitality, and support of women's rights there. Though the creative freedom of the '80s reigns in fashion choices like her random but spot-on pick of a Genny primary-color blocked coat (she had no idea who Genny was, but had the eye to purchase the piece) and the '90's, in her adoration of "ballsy bitches" like Salt-n-Pepa, TLC, and MC Lyte. For Ms. Fitz, unless it's extreme, she doesn't see the point.

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Check out Ms. Fitz's website and blog.

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