Monica Seggos, Closets
Monica Seggos

I met Monica when she was selling her impeccable estate clothing at one of the best events in NYC, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. It was always one of those hyperventilation moments when I would see her Eduardian collection, because I knew I was not leaving without doing some serious damage, leaving with one too many of her waist coats. I love Monica's description of why vintage clothing allows you to escape time and place - you can pick an era and be anyone. She is someone with a multitude of talents and most of all, a totally dedicated mom. Monica's honesty about everything is brave and refreshing. She says that her shoe obsession grew out of a struggle that she claims she has had with her weight, all eyes would be on her feet, and the description of the first bracelet/cuff/shackle that she made is hauntingly personal and touching. It is also something to behold. Monica is in that time of life when your kids get older and you are reinventing and rediscovering - she says that her wild side is taking flight in her hair and shoes. But my feeling is, it's just the beginning, stay tuned.

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