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Revolutionizing the Wedding Dress

Merging Joni Mitchell's Laurel Canyon with Patti Smith's Bowery, Molly Guy's vintage wedding dress store, Stone Fox Bride, brings her effortless style to the matrimony ceremony. With her fuck-you-I'm-gonna-cover-myself-in-an-earth-mom-green-dress-and-look-damn-sexy-doing-it attitude, Molly's bridal shop mirrors her own raw honesty and the hard won comfort of who she is. She takes self-deprecation to the next level with an ease in which she wears her nonchalant uniform of baggy, floral 70s dresses.

With no makeup, and eyes that have as much grace as her Lanvin ballet flats, you wouldn't guess that the business owner, mother, and wife spent her 20s on a heinous ride through the perils of desperately wanting in on the impenetrable fashion mirage that magazines had indoctrinated her into as a teenager. Dreaming of the perfect body, an "it girl" life (e.g. Kate Moss and Chloe Sevingy) and being the 90's Lena Dunham, led to a million-dollar book-deal flop and an inevitable huge identity crash.

"I held onto the idea that I needed to be someone to have something," Molly reflects. "When I finally -- after years and years and years -- realized that it wasn't going to happen is when things started to happen." Though her unfazed cardigans suggest otherwise, in our eyes, Molly's highly observant insights and tenacity make her akin to her hero -- a Joan Didion of her own enterprise. Molly and her future brides sow a modern fairy tale that is painstakingly true to the passage of getting married. "It's about figuring out who you are," says the Isabel Marant diehard, "transitioning from a past identity, letting go, and moving forward."

Shot, photographed, and interviewed by Elisa and Mona
Edited by Ximena Borges
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