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Miss KK

1) How did you find Miss KK? Sarah Sophie Flicker

2) What did Miss KK inspire in you culturally?
To watch her favorite movies: The Boyfriend with Twiggy, Donkey Skins with Catherine Denueve, Captain EO with Michael Jackson, Feherlofia-Hingarian Rainbow Animated Movie, The Kingdom and Crooked Mirrors-60s Soviet Fairytale, and Salome with Ala Nazimova. To listen to Klaus Nomi and The Sparks. I am intrigued by Miss KK’s penchant for what she refers to as very vocal or “operatic” music like Kate Bush and Florence and the Machine.

3) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Miss KK?
How romantic her life in LA is, with her house perched on a hill in trees, her artistic husband and an insane closet packed with state of the art vintage dresses and Maud Frizon shoes.

4) How did Miss KK inspire to you?
To remember the power of manifesting your vision, but also the importance of not getting too tripped up on it that you don’t see the value of what is in front of you while on the way. “Manifestations are pretty tricky, because manifesting is wanting something but trusting the universe that everything is happening for a reason. So when bad things happen to you, it's important to believe that it happens for a reason… it’s tricky because you could get really caught up in why haven’t I met a guy or why don’t I have this but that’s when you’re kind of anti-manifesting and sometimes you have to have that point to get to the next point.” (Miss KK met her husband after a Tarot reader told her she would.)

5) What is your favorite thing about Miss KK’s style?
Her flowy chiffon dresses, killer collection of shoes/boots and her love for Art Nouveau.

6) What was the most covetable item in Miss KK’s wardrobe?
Her black suede ankle boots with stones and gold peacock trim.

7) What was your favorite thing Miss KK said during the interview?
The following quote just makes me smile: “I call my family the KooKoonuts, or the Koo Koo family…My dad is all Texas and I have two sisters too. One is a year older and one is a year younger and we’re all “KK”s. So Katherine, Kristine, Karen. My dad’s family was all “KK”s too so it’s like three generations of all KKs. But my dad’s dad was a famous gynecologist. And he invented really weird things with gynecology, like the patent of birth control pills and the pregnancy tester… I found a book called kooks and my grandfather is in it… I was like it’s in writing, we’re crazy, we’re Koo Koo.”

8) What was your favorite thing about Miss KK's house?
The back porch.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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