Miranda Levitt, Closets
Miranda Levitt

I couldn't be more with Miranda that long and flowy is the new jean. She literally takes my breath away for the way she captures hippie meets Victorian in the most cosmopolitan sense, with her floor-length floral French chiffon skirt from the '20s, Kiki De Montparnasse bloomers (hidden, but so there), thick black tights, navy Shetland Miu Miu sweater, waist-length black hair, and pale skin. At times, she imagines herself with a long train held by the perfect antique "ringed" hand (much like her own, with her heirloom family ring worn everyday) and possibly a Gothic mourning necklace with a lock of hair that is a hundred-years-old. Miranda is from a family of performers, actors, and singers, both of which she is, though she is currently focusing on acting. Life is her stage, and right now she is passionate about the electricity of NYC (despite her love of nature). Although Miranda's Manhattan is of many eras - there's the 2010 "very Miranda" leather jacket with fur trim, and then the Pre-Raphaelite Miranda, in hooded velvet cape that makes her feel as if she is part of a secret old world society, where "women never lift a finger" and are always in heels.

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