Mikey DeTemple & Lisa Myers, Closets
Mikey DeTemple & Lisa Myers

"Love is when… when you just get it," Lisa says of the magnitude of her feelings for her boyfriend, Mikey. She inspires less is more as much in her words as in her ability to make a camel sweater and jeans consummate.Together, Mikey and Lisa could be an ad campaign for any brand that wants to associate with the good aura of living true to one's self. They are literally picture perfect, without an ounce of artificiality, in front of sea worn shingles in many shades of denim, affecting the rest of us to go on a tear for indigo. So committed to her understated soulmate and champion surfer, Mikey, Lisa dropped her Chanel patent peep toe pumps for her first foray into flats, traveling eight hours a day between NYC and the Hamptons in order to be with him. Love, for Mikey, who can go weeks without shoes, is "being with someone who makes you happy"-- as pure a response as his passion for the most authentic denim workwear and the essential worn out flannel. Equally heartfelt in a way that never gets old was Mikey surprising Lisa with her favorite Isabel Marant ribbed loden military sweater and the bawling she did when she thought she lost it because of its sentimentality.

"Style is the most important thing you can do in your surfing," Mikey's dad, who was a fisherman, drilled into Mikey's head. Listening to the Doors while riding long boards, no matter the fluctuating trends, is as much his MO as his original Vans and Brixton hats. Strong blazers, like the burgundy Zara one and killer shoes like her Jil Sander's, worn mostly with pants, Lisa feels is important to wear for people to take her seriously, especially when she is so young and short (a concern of hers). She doesn't like to surround herself with people who don't have goals and has worked her way from Boca Raton to NYC working in sales at Oak, Lanvin and Stella Mccartney.

Lisa goes the distance to support Mikey with both the making of his film about his life as a professional surfer to watching him surf for hours on end, often photographing how inspiring he is in what he does. In return, Mikey is helping her get over her fear of drowning while surfing the big waves. The cycle of being a beginner, then achieving, then going back to being a beginner again is what fuels Mikey, after spending life since 15 on the pro surfing circuit. The couple now spends half time in Brooklyn where Mikey has to wear shoes as a thank you to Lisa for being willing to take them off.

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