Megan LeCrone, Closets
Megan LeCrone

Megan and I have a lot in common. We don't believe in self medicating in order to level out our intensity, we love Rick Owens and Victorian jackets, we absorb ourselves so single-mindedly into what we do that we can be on the verge of an identity crisis 24/7 without it, we are in competition with ourselves (i.e. perfectionists, often with tears), we live for the feeling of accomplishing what once seemed daunting, she is reading the bible and I want to, and we love the song Eleanor by the Turtles. However, I would not be close to as mesmerizing in a tutu or a cut out Stella McCartney unitard as Megan is and there is not one graceful cell in my body. I am in complete awe, almost above all else, of anyone who can be so talented and composed as to earn a place on the stage of the greatest dance company in the world, as Megan has.

Mandy Coon's leather ruffled romper, in combo with Megan's dancer's legs and Calvin Klein leopard sandals is killer chic, as is the beauty of her embattled dancer's feet juxtaposed to her dreamy vintage tulle dresses. But most unforgettable for me is her story of how at 17 she was accepted into the NYC Ballet (when it is almost unheard of if you weren't already a part of the feeder school), and how after one life defining year with the company, Megan had to step aside for 5 years due to chronic injuries and ultimately a systemic problem that she finally resolved. Like all of life's hard lessons, she ended up finding even more of herself through having to find the patience to let her body heal. Megan traveled to India, became a better dancer by observing the other dancers dance and discovered an invaluable mentor who not only took care of her but had a fetish for fashion and for giving some of it to her.

I learned from Megan that in the world of ballet, the prinicpal roles are reserved for the veterans, while the new dancers have to endure the rigors and put in the time until they get the part. In one of her hand me down treasures, a red satin Lanvin dress with a collar like a queen, that Megan wears as effortlessly as her Uniqlo jeans, it is clear that she is on her way to embodying fully the principal role that she has been destined to play, both on and off the stage.

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