Masha Orlov, Closets
Masha Orlov

When it comes to dressing, there is an art to finding the tricky balance between over the top and wearing something without being noticed, Masha says. In over the knee boots with studded cutoffs and a tie-dye button-down, she is as striking as she is subdued. Refreshingly textured in a way that avoids any simplicity in thinking, Masha is all about raising the bar while both taking herself seriously and not taking herself too seriously at the same time. In layered and complex combinations like Joan and David oxfords with Tripp leopard jeans (she has twenty pairs), or an Obesity and Speed cutout tee and Zac Posen pale pink satin opera coat, she is a visual display of her passion for all things stimulating. Masha says that she overwhelms herself with hundreds of projects going on at the same time. In life, she can go from the frenetic world of fashion styling to wanting to live in a monastery and reading books - it's all or nothing and always intense like all good double Scorpios (I am one too). Classic, sexy and novel in an Azzedine Alaia leather pencil skirt, Junya Wantanabe camouflage tank and nerdy glasses, intricate is mesmerizing for Masha.

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