Marley Kate, Closets
Marley Kate

It takes one to know one, and Marley knows the 80's treasures in her mom's closet are the kind of items that we style-obsessed pray to come across on our rampages through the thrift stores. Out of her closet came boots and shoes galore of the legendary shoe designers Bennis Edwards, whose artful footwear were made in limited runs, and often one of a kind. In my opinion, Marley's pair of black Chelsea ankle boot's are understated, and at the same time, the perfect statement, and suddenly kills any desire of mine for anything of the moment. Then there are the stunning embroidered Norma Kamali leggings, that Marly makes look so modern in suede fringe ankle boots and a white rabbit coat. She is a fashion photographer whose images, like her, are very natural, upbeat and girly, with a coyish mystery. Marley could be in the magazine pages that she shoots for in her silk teddy, pink thigh highs and Doc Martens.
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