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Marina & the Diamonds

Asked to describe her style, Marina (aka Marina & the Diamonds) answered: "Saccharine mixed with something darker." Beneath the sugary pastel ribbons,  fingernail polish, and girly hearts, there lurks a compelling elusiveness and all knowing. From the doll lashes of her first album, Family Jewels, to the girly girl of Electra Heart, Marina is an artist who's extraordinarily conscious of what she's expressing. Though she loves costumes, theatre, and changing her identities, Marina admires people who, in her words, "don't try to be anything else other than who they are."

While Maria's on-stage character may vary, her self-possession is unshakeable. Her refusal to be overtly provocative in order to sell herself is extremely refreshing. If magazine covers ask her to show too much skin she'll flat out turn them down. About one of her first shoots with the UK mens magazine Arena, Marina recalls, "I had on hot pants and the photographer was trying to get an ass shot from behind. My press girl came in and said, 'OK, she's not doing that,' so we ended up doing a great side shot."

Marina is as in touch with herself as she is with her devoted fan base, constantly connecting and collecting inspiration from their Tumblrs. Influenced by self-ruling musicians like Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey, Marina is wholeheartedly committed to her art form, teaching herself keyboard and producing while bravely putting herself out there during her open mic years. "I write songs because it helps me get over things," she reveals. "Half of me doesn't even care about being a known singer -- I just have to write. Even when I'm 60, or if I never put out a new record again, I'm still going to be writing."

xoxo Elisa & Lily

Filmed at Smart Clothes Gallery, 154 Stanton Street, New York NY 10002
Artwork by Christopher Tanner

Video Edited by Aileen Haugh.

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