Magda Berliner, Closets
Magda Berliner

Magda is a pro of classic meets cool and high meets low, most exemplified by her mixing of thigh-high, eight-year-old Margiela split-toe boots (they make my heart skip a beat) with her quilted, colorful YSL vintage blazer. She is so passionate and literate in everything related to culture, style, and fashion that its hard to consider keeping up, even though I am dying to. An accomplished fashion designer and mom of a teenager, she still manages to know probably every vintage haunt in the world, get on a plane to Paris, New York, or Portugal for the opera, and still not miss the "trade night" in LA (her hometown) at "What Goes Around Comes Around," where she recently acquired her red leather "Pat Benatar" blazer. She styled for Aerosmith and during that time, among other things, helped design custom YSL for Joe Perry and juxtapose classic English sweaters with Tripp. For Magda, it's the hunt for quality over quantity and thus her attraction to all things European, like the experience of eating two ounces of the best ice cream instead of a pint of Ben and Jerry's, and her extremely precise wardrobe of the creme de la creme of what suits her style and body type to the point of not needing anything more. She is so educated in the ways of the world that she opened my eyes to the fact that even the cheesiest store in Paris has state of the art hosiery, because of how refined the French are with dressing, and she herself is a confessed sock and tights freak. Magda's acuity for experimenting with design came early, when she dressed Barbie in curtain fabric and tissue paper and started gluing seams together outside of a garment. Her own Margiela blazers today are conceived in this way. Magda loves grocery shopping as much as perusing Balenciaga, and like the Europeans, it's more about the visual and experiential stimualtion than consumption and accumulation.

Take a look at Magda's design collection.

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