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Maad Moiselle

About her passion for wearing monumental shoes, Maad Moiselle says that she loves being a giant. It takes that kind of big vision of yourself to put yourself out there as an artist like she does. A fan of the Alchemist, Maad is a believer in taking leaps of faith (in her sparkly pumps) into the unknown, especially with her musical career which is now taking her on tour in Europe where she performs in front of crowds of tens of thousands. Though Maad has been dancing with The New York City ballet since she was five, sartorially it is the culture of Studio 54 and people like Jerry Hall and Edie Sedgwick, "who express themselves at all costs," that most inspire her. In what Maad refers to as her James Dean meets Madonna look, she wears black leather shorts with over the knee socks, a fringe shirt and one of her many black leather studded jackets. Like one of her tattoo's that is an ode to the Maya Angelou poem, The Caged Bird, Maad finds her ultimate freedom in her voice as a singer/songwriter. Her song Glitter is a reference to Maad's fashion icons and the spirit of NYC of the 80's. However, one cannot see her pitch black "Queen Nefertitti" bob and not recognize the monumental influence of Diana Ross on Maad's style. Maad's long silk vintage dresses with cinched waistes and lots of leg, have glamour high priestess written all over them. But diva is all the more refreshing on Maad Moiselle for her humble aesthetics as well, which are exemplified in her classic Ernest Sewn jeans and Reformation colorful silk blouses that are accented with her signature MAC red lips and of course, monster Fendi wedges. If you love Maad, you may also like Fatima Robinson, Mia Christiana and Jean Lebrun.

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