Lucy Carr-Ellison, Closets
Lucy Carr-Ellison

Lucy just sent me an email today saying that her new favorite outfit, since we shot her for this site a month ago, is a pair of oversized denim short overalls with a cut off wife beater underneath. The perfectionist in me is in great duress that I don't have a picture of her in her latest clothing obsessions. One of the frustrations with peeking into the worlds of many of the style masters on this site, is that I want to keep up with every new mood and idea, but I can't because they usually come at lightening speed. Cut off denim overalls works perfectly with Lucy's modern and timeless style, I can see them perfectly with her fox stoles. She is impulsive and intense about the prized finds and possessions in her wardrobe, I can see that same passion behind the one thing she lives for, her photography. Below, there is a second video of Lucy talking about her photography, and personally, it's hard to tell in which video she is more consumed by her art.

For information about Lucy’s jewelry designs, check out Pretty Black. For a deeper look at Lucy’s photography you can visit her site Lucy Carr-Ellison Photography and her new Blog.

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