Lucia Ribisi, Closets
Lucia Ribisi

"I don't have friends in school, basically," Lucia says. It's not a big surprise when you see how unusually unique, authentic, and true to herself she is at 14. In a wraparound skirt with an Indian print, a vintage lace burgundy blouse, a bandana wrapped around her head and ankle socks with heels she is as completely original in her style as she is in her perceptions of life. Lucia right now is in the 8th grade -- and says that one of her main goals in life is to not do well in high school, but to gain something from the experience deeper than grades. She is someone who cannot help but to stand apart from the crowd, whether through her fuchsia hair and Doc Martens or classic ballet slippers worn with a skirt from Macedonia that her nanny gave her, the Velvet Underground and the Misfits on vinyl, the courage of The Runaways' Cherie Currie, and her obsession with the Riot Grrrl revolution of the'90s.

"Dirty hippy" or "Lesbian" -- you name it, she gets it in the fearful taunts of her peer group, but Lucia is unfazed and tosses off those who ascribe to the dummied down culture of her generation in favor of an insatiable hunger for consuming and creating art and liberating the world from the very prejudices she is the object of. She is a member of the Riot Grrl Scouts, "we have sleepovers once a month and talk about feminist issues, body image, pro-choice... we organize events and activities," she states. Her fortitude and passion are not surprising given the tight nuclear family of artists, musicians, actors, and painters that surround her. Lucia appeared in a Beck video when she was 8 rapping and dancing (he is her uncle) and sang with Kimiya Dawson after the singer saw Lucia on Facebook working on a cover of one of her songs. She is committed to her art, with pencil being her strong suit. Lucia loves drawing the human form and accentuating a subject's most unique features.

Attending school in make-up inspired by Ziggy Stardust, electric yellow leggings she got from Sia after performing together and her mom's jean jacket -- "From a long time ago," she says -- it's clear that the apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes from a lineage of independent minded people. Her 97-year-old grandfather still drives himself around and takes care of himself; her great grandmother designed and built dollhouses, and her grandfather has spent his entire life in bands and owns a Thai restaurant full of murals he painted himself. Her grandmother made ceramics, her father is an actor and her Mom is an interior decorator. Beyond her years, or just how you might be if educated about life with an open mind, Lucia says, "If you don't find the naked body beautiful, then you suck." I second that.

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