DJ Louie XIV, Closets
DJ Louie XIV

My older brother, Louis, sticks to his basic uniform with extreme tenacity and passion, like everything he does. He gets OBSESSED with one detail at a time, and goes through phases where he literally wears the same thing every day. For a while, it was his fedora, then his head and neck scarves, now his sunglasses and Tibetan necklace. Everything else remains consistent and pretty basic. His over-sized sweaters, skinny jeans, Vans, button downs, and t-shirts are his blank canvas. He is a senior, studying history and philosophy at the New School in Manhattan, is a working DJ, and an emerging actor. It is so Louis to draw influences from Wu Tang, Grace Kelly, and a bandit and make it all work.

Louis's favorite stores are INA, Paul Smith, Ksubi, Fabulous Fannys, APC, Rose Bowl Flea Market, and Eleven, Assembly

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