Lizzy and Darlene Okpo, Closets
Lizzy and Darlene Okpo

Two can sometimes be better than one when it comes to self-awareness and the unique opportunity to reflect off of the other. While both share stunning braids to their waist and piles of jewelry that are inspired by their native country of Nigeria, Darlene is a neat freak and Lizzy hides clothes in her pillow case. Darlene looks in the mirror 24/7, Lizzy says, while she just looks up and down to see her outfit. Lizzy weaves chains into her hair, Darlene says, while she tends towards the slightly more subdued and traditional by tying it up. Together they are the "black sheep" of the four sibilings in their family, due to their "alternative" careers as the founders of their clothing line that is named after their father, William Okpo. The sisters attribute their love of style to their dad, who was "militant" with ironing the creases in his clothes. Darlene, demure in a fitted leather jacket and Lizzy, dramatic in a cape in floppy hat, have that quality of expressing their colorful style in a way that seems as though everything they wear melts into them.

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