Lizzie Brandt, Closets
Lizzie Brandt

Lizzie recently found her journal that she wrote at the age of eight and it is apparent that daydreaming has evolved into "real" world for her. One of her entries was, "Two of my favorite things are red roses and silk dresses with lase at the bottem." Fast forward to the present, when Lizzie sent Anna Sui a purple corset belt with ribbons and hearts. The designer responded by calling Lizzie up to create some for her new collection. Not only did Lizzie have the chance to add unicorns to the design, but Anna's only requirement, beyond Lizzie's expressive mind, was to listen to T-Rex for inspiration. All in the ongoing fantasy, as T-Rex was already on Lizzie's playlist.

On any given day in Lizzie's life in LA, people often ask her if it's Halloween upon seeing her. She wears her thoughts on her sleeves, including Elizabethan poufy, '60s Dollybird and Warhol Superstar ones. Never in flip-flops, always in black thick tights and red nail polish, she often leaves a trail of sequins down Sunset Boulevard. As Lizzie says, it's "a little Grey Gardens," much like her copious amounts of jewel tone peep-toe sandals. Terry de Havilland red lizard and Marc Jacobs emerald green wedges are among Lizzie's odes to Auntie Mame in 2011. Prince's Paisley Park and The Time are her current favorites on her iPod, and every now and then, Lizzie's Betsey Johnson dress from eighth grade makes an appearance.

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