Liz Doupnik, Closets
Liz Doupnik

Liz is a master of interpreting fashion and making it her own: whether it is classic, of the moment or an original invention. I appreciate her love of the pieces that are time-honored, like the naval officer's blazer with oversized boyfriend shirts and the cleanest of clean mini coats with thick tights and flats. However, I also love how Liz will jump right into her own rendition of last fall's Nina Ricci tights pulled over a shoe and Rodarte's arty, cut up leggings, without hesitation. To me, she is so inventive while remaining flawless in taste, in her juxtapositions of masculine and feminine. Mixing the unexpected is the key to style and Liz exemplifies this in her silk slips with combat boots and sheer blouses with the motorcycle jackets. She is fearless, and a stylist in the truest sense of the word, in her drive to experiment. It was a first for me to see a skirt as dress, with the waist on her shoulders, and a boot cut to make a spat. I live for this kind of inspiration.

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